Michael A. Tatz

Student, Rice University
U.S. Army Veteran

Michael Tatz

Michael is currently in the second year of earning his MBA from Rice University.

Previous Experience

After graduating from West Point in 2007, Michael was commissioned as an Air Defense Artillery Officer in the United States Army. He began his career as the Launcher Platoon Leader of a Patriot Missile Platoon. Next, he served as a battery Executive Officer where he prepared a 100-soldier battery for a deployment to South Korea.

Following his time as an Executive Officer, Michael was transferred to the United States Space and Missile Defense Command in Colorado Springs, CO where he served as an operations officer monitoring worldwide radars and intelligence. In his final role, he was the Deputy Director of a missile defense crew tasked with protecting the United States against nuclear missile attack. In this position, Michael was responsible for developing and presenting strategic plans to the nations military and political leadership on a daily basis.

Between the first and second years of his M.B.A., Michael interned at Goldman Sachs, and he will be returning to Goldman full-time upon graduation. Michael is also an officer in the Veterans In Business Association at Rice and an active member of Team Red, White, and Blue.