Major Marine Company: Welder in Houston, TX

Major Marine Company

Opportunity Title: Structural Welder
Location: Houston, TX

Closed Date: Until Filled
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This Major Marine Company has a rich history of delivering top-quality marine construction solutions and quick-turn services to meet a full spectrum of customer needs, even under the most challenging of conditions.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, they continue to expand their geographical footprint and range of services to the West Coast, Canada, the Caribbean Basin, and the Middle East.

Job Description

This position is accountable for supporting field operations at marine project locations for Gulf Coast – Houston.  Incumbents are responsible for welding, cutting, grinding, chipping and clean-up in the projects with which they are involved.  Typically, they will work closely with a Project Superintendent, Barge Foreman, Crane Operator, Boat Captain, Laborers, Helpers and other skilled or semi-skilled crafts persons.    

Specific Responsibilities 

  • Works as assigned by the Barge Foreman to ensure the successful completion of on-going or new marine construction projects.
  • Displays and uses capabilities to cut, weld, chip, grind or fit metal as may be required by the project.
  • Utilizes oxygen-acetylene cutting torch and related equipment when required to cut away metal from existing structure, beams or platforms.
  • Welds together pieces of sheet metal once individual sheet piles are pile driven into place. 
  • Applies ability to stick rod weld in all positions to complete a job.
  • Rigs cable for lifting and moving objects from one location to another. 
  • Handles placement of steel plates and sheet piles with the aid of equipment such as cranes, winches, cable and hand tools that may be available.
  • Operates saws, presses, drills and grinders to fabricate parts needed to repair a piece of equipment.
  • Inspects and makes minor repairs to welding equipment; notifies Foreman of parts needed to complete repairs.
  • Picks up needed materials and supplies to complete project.   
  • Works closely with Foreman, Crane Operators, Helpers, and other skilled crafts persons to complete current projects in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Performs other related duties as may be assigned or requested by immediate supervision.
  • Participates in Safety and Environmental initiatives that will contribute to compliance of State/Federal regulations and improve existing Company programs.
  • Responsible and accountable for incumbent’s own personal safety.
  • Responsible and accountable for the safety of all our co-workers and any others incumbent comes in contact with.
  • Authorized and obligated to stop work on any task or series of tasks whenever an unsafe condition or situation is anticipated or is observed.
  • Complies with all applicable laws, regulations and Company policies and procedures, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action (including dismissal) for failure to do so.
  • Reports any and all violations of applicable laws, regulations or Company policies and procedures promptly, and is subject to appropriate disciplinary action (including dismissal) for failure to do so.
  • Performs other related administrative and technical duties as may be assigned or requested by immediate supervision (such as certification training, safety training, procedure review, etc.).

Minimum Requirements

A minimum of two (2) years welding experience or any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the necessary welding skills, knowledge and abilities is required.  The incumbent must also be able to communicate well and have good knowledge of the:

1) Practices and materials of the welding trade.

2) Physical characteristics of various types of metal used in the construction of marine


3) Operation of various types of marine equipment and devices.   

4) Importance of safe work practices in a marine environment. 

5) Welding craft and be capable of passing standard welding tests that demonstrate

    proficiency to perform the job. 

6) Operation of acetylene and arc welding equipment, hand and power tools, and welding

    blueprints, and sketches is also required.

The Company expects and requires incumbent and each of its other employees to observe and fulfill the above and all other safety responsibilities and actively work toward maintaining a safe workplace.  Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

Physical/Mental Requirements

  • The incumbent must be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable workplace accommodation. 
  • The individual must also be able to wear and properly utilize appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to work or visit within areas where it is required.  This includes hard hat, safety glasses, respirators, ear plugs, steel toed shoes, or other protective equipment as required by the work performed and location the work is being done.
  • This individual must also have the ability to identify critical issues and formulate action plans with all levels of management, including corporate. 
  • The incumbent must possess the ability to remain calm during emergencies and respond appropriately as dictated by the circumstance of the incident and as directed by the Safety Representative or other management personnel. Must be capable of evacuating the work area in a timely manner should an emergency situation arise.

In addition, Structural Welders must be capable of:

  • Walking, stepping, climbing or otherwise moving from one location on the job site to another, and normally involves physically getting onto and off of work barges, boats, vessels, or dock facilities of varying heights and access parameters
  • Wearing welding face shields, personal  floatation devices, self-contained breathing apparatus
  • Standing, stooping kneeling, squatting, climbing or sitting for long periods of time
  • Repetitive movements by feet, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and back in performance of work
  • Climbing vertical ladders to heights of 40’-50’
  • Working in confined spaces and at elevated heights
  • Lifting and carrying objects up to 50 lbs. as required
  • Adapting to extreme temperature, outdoor conditions,  and prolonged exposure
  • Remaining calm during emergencies and respond appropriately as dictated by the circumstance of the incident

All applicants must meet NextOp’s minimum program requirements:

  • Post 9/11 Veteran
  • Honorable Discharge
  • Able to pass a Background Check and Drug Screening
  • Have a Valid Drivers License and Driving Record
  • E-7 and Below



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