Vaughn Construction: Carpenter Helper in Houston, TX

Vaughn Construction

Opportunity Title: Carpenter Helper
Location: Houston, TX

Closed Date: 05/10/2017


Vaughn Construction is one of the largest contractors in Texas, and a leading builder of research, healthcare, higher education, and biomedical facilities in the marketplace. They are known for focusing on the entire construction process not just the result, enabling them to deliver the absolute best value to all of their clients. Just like the military, they are very detail oriented.

Job Description

Vaughn is seeking a highly motivated leader. The Carpenter Helper will be working closely with the journeyman to learn his/her responsibilities. The following is a list of some tasks the Carpenter Helper will be performing, but it is not an all-inclusive list of job duties.


Performs a variety of tasks involving strenuous manual labor in heavy construction projects.Maintains a clean

  • Maintains a clean jobsite; Pick up all tools and equipment and secure jobsite each day in order to eliminate potential hazards.
  • Handles and stores materials.
  • Loads and unloads trucks, and hauls and hoists materials.
  • Ensures that proper safety and incident reporting procedures are followed. Brings problems to the attention of the supervisor.
  • Preparations for concrete pour including installing embedded items and cleaning.
  • Constructs built-in-place or prefabricated wooden forms, according to specs, for molding concrete structures.
  • Erects built-in-place forms or assembles and installs prefabricated forms on construction site according to blueprint specs, using hand tools, plumb rule, and level.
  • Maintains excellent attendance and punctuality.
  • Constructs, installs, and repairs structures of wood, plywood, metal and drywall
  • Helps install foundations, walls, floors, and roofs using materials such as: wood, steel, metal, concrete, plastics, and composites of multiple materials.
  • Erects scaffolding, ladders for assembling structures.
  • Cleans work areas, machines, or equipment, to maintain a clean and safe job site
  • Works with plumb bobs, sighting rods, or other equipment to aid in establishing reference points and lines.
  • Reads blueprints.

Minimum Requirements

The ideal candidate will be motivated to grow within the company and learn the duties and responsibilities of the journeyman carpenter.


  • Strong work ethic, unwavering integrity.
  • Must meet all of NextOp’s minimum requirements.
  • Strong leadership, work ethic, accountability, team work, and integrity a must.
  • General understanding of Construction or held a related construction military occupation.
  • General understanding on how to use hand and power tools.
  • Must have a clear understanding of safety OSHA regulations.
  • Must have an accelerated learning curve able to learn new skills quickly and efficiently.
  • Must have a good grasp of math that will allow him/her to learn how to read blueprints and make construction calculations.
  • Must be able to pass a background check and drug screening.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish preferred, but not necessary.


Benefits Offered:

  • Craft Skills Training


Voluntary Offered:

  • Health and Dental, Vision, HSA
  • VOL Life Insurance
  • AD&D Insurance
  • Disability (short)

All applicants must meet NextOp’s minimum program requirements:

  • Post 9/11 Veteran
  • Honorable Discharge
  • Able to pass a Background Check and Drug Screening
  • Have a Valid Drivers License and Driving Record
  • E-7 and Below



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