Why Should Veterans Consider Houston and The Healthcare Industry?

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Closing the gap between Military Veterans and the Healthcare Industry in Houston, Texas.

Why Work With NextOp?

We are a team of Post 9/11 Veterans who understand the difficult transition process and Corporate America.

We are dedicated to providing Personalized Career Guidance, Resume Assessments, and Job Placement support to help veterans and Transitioning Military find the most promising career path in the Healthcare Industry.

Since 2015, we have placed over 700 Veterans into growing industry careers through partnerships with major companies. We are currently working with some of the World’s Best Hospitals in the Greater Houston Area that are eager to hire veterans.

Why Healthcare?

Stable Career Path

Not only is the Healthcare industry on the rise, but healthcare jobs are becoming extremely competitive with other industry jobs. This industry, according to Business Insider, is adding positions at a much quicker clip than the average job market and compensating employees with competitive salaries. U.S. News created lists for the “Best Of” jobs in the U.S. in 2016. The Healthcare industry dominated in the categories of Top 100 Best Jobs and Best Paying Jobs.

Growth In The Healthcare Industry 

Houston Public Media researched job growth here in Houston and looked for both points growth and declines. Regional economist, Patrick Jankowski, who prepared the forecast, said most new jobs will come in the healthcare sector. “As healthcare becomes more important just in society and the economy, we’ll continue to see growth in healthcare,” he said. “We’ll see 9,800 jobs added at least in healthcare next year.”

Continue Your Mission of Serving

The skill set the you gain in the military is of great value and should not be pushed to the side. Once we return to civilian life, our passion and drive to continue serving is something that should not be overlooked either. With a career in the Healthcare Industry, you are able to continue your mission of serving and aid those who need assistance. “Passion for helping others keys to the medical assistant field.”

Credential Information

Texas Board of Nursing (BON)

Texas Resources on pursuing a Career as a Nurse

Fellow Veterans in Healthcare

“I can honestly say that my current position within Harris Health Systems would not have been possible had it not been for NextOp’s diligence of researching my LinkedIn Profile. At the time, I was an Army Reservist on full time orders after being laid off from the oil and gas industry and was just starting the job hunting process. They were very polite and provided a clear picture of the hiring manager’s vision and mission for the specific job they saw my background fitting. We had very open and honest discussions thru the process, and I valued their opinion along the way.

As for hiring managers and other talent recruiters, I would hope that my experience leads to your consideration of NextOp Veterans to help fill your next vacancy.

-Chris White, Director of Support Services & Executive Strategic Operations at Harris Health System

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