February 1, 2018: NextOp Louisiana Launch Party

Following the Veteran Transition Workshop, please join us for complimentary refreshments after the workshop during the official NextOp Louisiana Launch Party!

Attendees from the Veteran Transition Workshop are welcome and highly encouraged to join. Seize your chance to meet other veterans, industry professionals seeking military talent, and connect with organizations assisting with service members’ post-military transition.

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This event is sponsored by: NextOp, Travis Manion Foundation (TMF), New Orleans Business Alliance (NOLABA), Bastion Community of Resilience (Bastion), and the New Orleans VFW (NOLA VFW)


NextOp Veterans

NextOp recruits, trains, and places high-performing middle-enlisted military leaders into Industry careers.

NextOp provides companies with world-class, skilled candidates and coaches them on how to be effective employees. Our mentors work with each transitioning veteran to adjust to their new roles and cultivate the necessary skills to excel in field work, increasing satisfaction and reducing turnover for these positions. We serve those who have served so many—our hardworking veterans.

New Orleans Business Alliance

NOLABA, a non-profit organization, is led by a 17-member board of directors, composed of a cross section of New Orleans leaders, including the Mayor and representatives of the city’s diverse industries. As the city’s official economic development partnership and the hub of its business community, NOLABA can help inform, educate and prepare you to capitalize on the many opportunities New Orleans has to offer.

Bastion Community

Bastion, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is an intentionally designed neighborhood in New Orleans for returning warriors and families. Through our powerful community model which incubates meaningful relationships that endure for a lifetime, we will sustain a thriving recovery from the wounds and casualties of war.​

Travis Manion Foundation

TMF is strengthening America’s national character. In an increasingly divisive cultural climate, they unite and strengthen communities. Our nation needs role models that inspire and we should look no further than the civic assets already living in our communities. Veterans and families of the fallen are leading the charge, pushing us to be better versions of ourselves and improving our collective character.

New Orleans VFW

The VFW was founded in 1899 by veterans of the Spanish American War, and there have been posts in New Orleans since the early 20th Century. VFW Post 8973 was founded by World War II and Korean War Veterans who lived in the Irish Channel Neighborhood and it thrived for decades. As the older generation passed away, the Post went into decline and was almost shuttered. A generation of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan have revived the Post and it has become a place where returning vets can gather and re-kindle the sense of camaraderie they felt while in uniform.

Date and Time
Thursday, February 01, 2018
1700 to 1900
Bastion Community of Resilience
1901 Mirabeau Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70122

NextOp Placements since 2015

How to Find Key Words in Job Descriptions to Tailor Your Resume

Who are you?

My name is Jonathan Barreda and I am a Marine Veteran who deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in the Helmand Providence.

What do you do at NextOp?

At NextOp, I am one of the Employment Team Coordinators who works with the veterans to assist them in their search for employment in their desired industry.

How to Find Key Words in Job Descriptions to Tailor Resume

Having a resume that stands out when given to a recruiter can be challenging and confusing. I use the term confusing loosely because I can get an opinion from multiple people and still not have a clear direction of what should be included in the resume. Something else that can be challenging can be a special task that requires time and a selection process to pick out a job. I personally read the resume and either highlight repeated words that can be considered hard/soft skills and recommend that there is an emphasis on those specifically highlighted words. Rule of thumb is that if an employer is looking for a certain candidate they would expect the resume to answer all of the requirements on the resume itself.

There are some tools that I wish I would have known when I started my transition from the Marine Corps. The website JobScan.co can be a great asset because you can easily see what are the words that are mostly used in the job description and you can capitalize on explaining your accomplishments. Another source that I found very useful was O-net Online and that site helps you see what type of jobs would be closest related to your military specialty. At the end of the day, NextOp is here to assist in translating military experience to civilian terms.

Memories for Military May 2017

“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example” — Benjamin Disraeli

NextOp’s Military May Mentorship & Fundraising Campaign kicks off May 1st, the first day of National Military Appreciation Month! Highly motivated Fire Teams of supporters compete against each other to raise awareness and funds that will help get more veterans employed. Aimed at easing the post-military transition process, our goal is to recruit more mentors that would like to guide veterans into long-term careers, raise funds to help NextOp improve our employment programs, find more job opportunities, and reach more veterans in need of our services. Learn more about our Military May Mentorship & Fundraising Campaign here.


Help us recognize our nation’s veterans and their service to our country by submitting military pictures to [email protected]. Please be sure to include the name of the service member and branch of service.

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