about nextOP

NextOp is a non-profit organization engineered to meet the unprecedented employment challenges and opportunities facing military members and veterans today.

Who We Are

NextOp was founded in 2014 by veteran and industry leaders who sought to build a strong military talent pipeline to industries. Our founders identified a gap between military members and companies looking to hire military talent. Transitioning service members and veterans are a talented group that bring years of experience and leadership to the table. NextOp’s goal is to bridge the gap by connecting these talented individuals to existing career opportunities. Through one-on-one mentorship, we help them understand how their training and experiences translate into valued qualifications in the workforce after their military commitment.

Our Mission

NextOp recruits, develops, and places high-performing enlisted leaders into industry careers.

Our team of Employment Coordinators work one-on-one with veterans and transitioning service members to identify civilian professions that are right for them, translate their resume, prepare for interviews, and ultimately, start a new career. The Employment Coordinators are veterans themselves and have gone through the hurdles and struggles that come with transitioning from the military.

NextOp also partners with employers across many industries, many of whom have a strong desire to recruit and retain veterans. We actively work with recruiters and corporate leadership to ensure that the translation of military skills to civilian experience is not a barrier for veterans when being considered for the workforce. We match work-ready individuals to employers that are passionate about hiring military members.

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Men & Women depart the U.S. Military Each Year
0 %
Of the Armed Forces are Enlisted Personnel
Veterans Placed in Careers since 2015
$ 25000
Average Starting

*Numbers are approximate based on previous research and data collection. They are not applicable to every individual.


We are a collective of unique skills and diverse backgrounds, but we come together as a singular team bound by a passion for assisting our service members.