NextOp serves as a facilitator for SkillBridge internships to help prepare transitioning service members for civilian careers.

NextOp’s Military Career to Internship Program (MCIP) was created to help prepare transitioning service members for civilian careers by matching them with employers for internship and apprenticeship opportunities through the Department of Defense’s (DOD) SkillBridge program. This program takes place during the service members’ last 6 months of military service and enables them to receive full pay and benefits from the DOD, while gaining new skills and experiences in the civilian workforce.

Partnering with NextOp

NextOp works one-on-one with transitioning service members to help determine which careers are right for them, identify if an internship makes sense for them, help tailor their resume, prepare for interviews and secure the internship. We will continue to mentor our candidates throughout the internship. Candidates can leverage NextOp’s relationship with industry leaders, many of whom have a strong desire to participate and host SkillBridge interns, but lack the resources to recruit and manage an internal SkillBridge program and pursue formal government approval. NextOp partners with both the candidate and the employer to navigate the SkillBridge process and help ensure a seamless and successful experience.

At the end of the internship, if full time employment is not secured, NextOp will assist the candidate through our employment program.


If you are interested in a SkillBridge internship, fill out our regular application and check off "interest in
participating in SkillBridge."
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Every Veteran looking for a new career should sign up with NextOp. Their program was key in my selection for my new role at Exxonmobil as a Process Technician.
Jeffrey Gore Headshot
Jeffrey G
U.S. National Guard
My experience with NextOp during my job search was nothing short of incredible. My Employment Coordinator was instrumental in guiding me through the entire process, from building and refining my resume to sharpening my interview skills, and always being there to answer any questions.
Michael Ford Photo
Michael F
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
NextOp was an excellent program throughout my journey. They were able to assist me in meeting my career goals. Having a great counselor who understood my hopes of obtaining employment after retirement was really important and made the process that much more positive.
Dr. Walker Photo
Dr. Albertina W
U.S. Air Force Veteran