We are a collective of unique skills and diverse backgrounds, but we come together as a singular team bound by a passion for assisting our service members.


Chris White
Chris White

Board President,
President/CEO, Louisiana Pepper
Exchange and Chemetech,
U.S. Army Veteran

A professional headshot of a smiling woman with medium-length brown hair, wearing earrings and a dotted blouse.
Patricia Darnauer

Board Secretary
Executive Vice President, LBJ Hospital,
Harris Health System
U.S. Army Veteran

Kevin McFadden
Kevin McFadden

Board Treasurer,
Managing Director, Energy, Investment & Corporate Banking
Mizuho Securities USA LLC

A professional headshot of a smiling middle-aged man wearing a suit and tie, with a blurred natural background.
Hank Adams

Unmanned and Autonomy
Systems Engineer Senior Manager,
Booz Allen Hamilton,
U.S. Navy Veteran

Professional portrait of a man with a beard, wearing a gray suit and pink shirt, against a plain background.
Gaw Jones Jr.

Workforce Development Manager,
Brown & Root Industrial Services LLC,
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

A smiling man with a shaved head, wearing a blue suit and white shirt, standing outdoors near a glass building.
Joseph Brent

Corporate Banker,
JP Morgan

Professional headshot of a smiling man with short brown hair, wearing a suit and a purple tie against a grey background.
Kyle Devlin

Corporate Business Development,
U.S. Coast Guard Veteran

A smiling man with short light hair wearing a checkered shirt, posing for a portrait with trees and a columned structure in the background.
Will Hales

Managing Director,
Market Cross, LLC.

Portrait of a smiling woman with dark hair, wearing a burgundy blazer over a white top, crossed arms, standing against a blurred green background.
Jennifer Bickley

General Counsel,

advisory board

Kristie Colpo

Military & Veteran Recruiting Strategist
U.S. Navy Veteran

A smiling middle-aged man in a black shirt with a scenic mountainous backdrop. he has short, light brown hair.
Scott Hayes

Capital Introduction Team,
Fidelity Investments

Portrait of a middle-aged man with salt-and-pepper hair, smiling and wearing a light purple shirt and gray blazer.
Shane Pilgrim

Independent Consultant,
Kaya Co Ventures,
U.S. Air Force Veteran


NextOp is a nonprofit organization engineered to meet the unprecedented employment challenges and opportunities facing military members and veterans today.